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   Bring your own identity
   IS Sculpture at Tokara Delicatessen
   The Emergence of Man - Christopher Møller Art Gallery
   Aleit & Is Art - Group Exhibition
   Swallows in flight - Murmuration: Artwork Installation
   Arts Association Stellenbosch - Guest speaker
   Woordfees 2014
   Cape Town Art Fair 2014
   Christmas Exhibition - Is Art Gallery
   Cape Town Art Fair - Christopher Møller Art Gallery
   Knysna Fine Art - Elementals
   Heavenly - Woordfees 2013
   Christopher Møller art - Summer Exhibition 2012
   Summer of Sculpture at the Mount Nelson Hotel
   Young Minds Charity Fund Raiser - st. Lorient
   Christopher Moller Art Gallery - Illumination exhibition
   Christopher Moller Art Gallery
   Incarnation - Bantry Bay
   Large Reclining figure Installation
   Dawid's Choice Gallery Cape Town Exhibition
   Cape autism charity trust auction
   Dawid's Choice Gallery at the Joburg Fringe
   Swallows in flight Installation
   Evolution - Solo exhibition
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   Dawid's Choice Gallery
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   Recent works
      Ink on Paper
         Venus II
         Cipher I
         Cipher II
         Transient I
      Resent Sculpture
         Large Modern Venus
         Amare Abbraccio
         Amare Abbraccio maquette
         Die Cast Love
         Rebirth of Diversity
         Icon Architecture
         Venus Construct
   The Emergence of Man
      Modern Family
         Modern Family
         Family Model
         Population I
         Population II
         Population III
         Female Fragment
         Torso II
         The Standing man
         Illumination maquette
         Leap of Faith
         Modern Venus
         The Eternal Flower
         Seed of man
         Reclining Figure Maquette
         Ascend Maquette
         Heart of gold
   Installation Art
      Installation art
         Death and belief
         Heart of a poet
         Swallows Composition
         Businessmen and Strippers
          Scattering Doves
         Swift composition
         Swallows in flight - Murmuration
         The Fountain of Youth
         Wall of words
         Koi Fish
         Oxford Swallows
         Swallows in flight
         Swifts in flight
   Elemental Man Series
         Seed of man
         Earth Man
         Aerial man
         Fire man
         Aquatic man
   Illumination Series
         Modern Venus Maquette
         Future Venus
         Leap of faith maquette
         Large Modern Venus
   Anamorphic Series
         Reclining figure maquette
         Ascend maquette
         Incarnation maquette
         Surrender maquette
         Reclining figure maquette
         Rough reclining figure maquette
         Incarnation maquette
         Ascend maquette
         Soporific figure maquette
         Reclining figure maquette
         Incarnation maquette
         Ascend maquette
         Soporific figure maquette
         Surrender maquette
         Elevation maquette
         Reclining figure large maquette
         Surrender large maquette
         Incarnation large maquette
         Large Reclining Figure
   Female Series
         Lindy torso
         Jade (half life)
         Jade LS
   African Icon Series
         African Icon maquette
         African Icon
         Life Size African Icon
         Small African Icon
         Small Modern Icon
         Small Angular Icon
         Modern Icon
         Small African Icon
         Small Modern Icon
         Small Angular Icon
         African Icon
         Modern Icon II
         Angular Icon Large maquette