Stainless steel mask collection created during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown

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The Sublimation Series

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The Emergence of Man

The "Emergence of Man" exhibition explored the fundimental nature of humanity, its flawed beauty and infinate potential.

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Installation Art

Installation artworks and projects

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Elemental Man Series

The elemental man series is derived from an in-depth study of the human male.

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Illumination Series

“Illumination” is the further exploration of the human condition focusing on the aspects of the individual.

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Anamorphic Series

The Anamorphic Series was launched in Cape Town 2011.

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Female Series

The Female Series is a collection of figurative works that form part of a study of the modern female.

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African Icon Series

The African Icon series represents an evolving culture and it`s social structure around the fertile female figure.

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