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As with most of my work the grounded series is steeped in metaphorical symbolism that can be interpreted in different ways depending on the viewer’s perspective. The series follows a number of logical evolutions that stem from a singular point, each iteration becoming a running commentary on the original subject matter. The series is base on a singular figurative image, the narrative derived from a young girls dream as she ponders whether her dreams are real. 

To be grounded is to be “mentally and emotionally stable, sensible, realistic and unpretentious” according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, but you can also be grounded on a sand bank (not good), or grounded in reality (good). But what is reality? According to physics the reality we experience is generated by information received by the brain and interpreted by perception. This means that the world “outside” is constructed in our heads, shaped buy our own expectations of what we perceive the world to be.

“Everything we call real is made of things that can not be regarded as real” - Niels Bohr (physicist). Atoms that have no solidity cannot a solid world make; our minds make it solid as we exist in a controlled hallucination grounded in the certainty of our reality. In much the same way we can see the “internet” on our screens, everywhere else it is simply unrecognizable to us as radio waves or electromagnetism, reality is also a field of abstract potentiality that can only be perceived in our minds. Thus, reality is whatever you believe it to be, and we are all firmly grounded in our own unique perception of it. What do you think is real?