Imibala Gallery

Imibala Gallery

 Art is a visual voice. It is for everyone regardless of social status. It engages and lays bare the most important social issues. The Imibala Gallery exists to provide a visual platform for mainly contemporary South African artists who want to support and engage in a creative social movement. More specifically we encourage artists to participate in the educative empowerment of art awareness within school going children.

 The central narrative of Imibala is built on the idea that the arts can have a significant transformative impact on a child’s life. While we exhibit for sale art, we deliberately appeal to patrons and artists whom like us are keen to instill in our school learners a passion for art.

 That said art is also about innovation and preservation. We believe it is not only the product but also the process itself that signifies the value of our artworks. As a collaborative movement we also encourage artists to submit ideas for public works or installations at the Imibala village.

Imibala Gallery
16 Bright Street
Someret West
Western Cape

8:00am to 5:00pm
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