Heavenly - Woordfees 2013

1-30 March 2013
Group exibition


From the earliest recesses in antiquity man has looked to the heavens in awe of its immense splendour and vastness. This magical place where God resides and legends are born has played an integral role in almost every religion and culture that has ever existed. Mans absolute fascination with the celestial motions has in recent history unlocked some of the great secrets of the universe and even landed a man on the moon.

Somewhere in ancient history mankind’s common desire to reach for the stars is rooted, with such firm conviction, that it has had a lasting effect that permeates all subsequent cultures across the globe. The association with heaven as a place where your spirit goes when you die is also prevalent in most religious disciplines. Heaven, Nirvana, Paradise, peace, tranquillity, serenity, enlightenment.

Some look upward towards the heavens and some look inward towards the heavens, but one thing is sure, mankind has always believed in a higher existence somewhere beyond the stars and we are indeed, all in our own way, knocking on heaven’s door.

Andre Stead