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60 x 295 x 250
14 kg
Edition size : 1/1
Catalogue no. : SC312BR

This piece in particular explores how we as human beings relate to our physical bodies. From the perspective of a physicist the human body is a collection of countless sub atomic particles, from the perspective of a religious leader the body is a vessel for the spirit and a sportsman may see the body as a precision instrument.

This much is clear, there is no physicality without thinking, and the one simply does not exist without the other. This theory is also supported in quantum physics where particles are defined as a wave of probability only collapsing the wave function or “materializing” when observed or measured. This implies that reality can only exist when consciously observed; a similar notion about the nature of existence was also explored in philosophy during the seventeenth century. “I think, therefore I am” - René Descartes, 1637.