Ravens in flight

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Installation Art
860 x 3660 x 300 mm
Edition size : 1/1
Catalogue no. : IN310IA

The ‚Ravens in flight‘ is inspired by the ravens of Santa Fe. The American crow and the common raven are both members of the Corvidae family, which also includes magpies and blue jays. Ravens are among the smartest birds. One study in Wyoming found that, during hunting season, ravens appeared following the sound of a gunshot, presumably knowing that a carcass might be available.

The artwork, as with most of the flight related installations, is about freedom, the expression of life and movement. Crows and ravens have both been known to use tools, and young ravens have repeatedly been seen playing games by dropping sticks while flying and diving to catch them in midair. They are intelligent and playful, and I see them as a beautiful expression of life.

New Mexico Project Catalogue 2019