Santa Fe Doves

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Installation Art
3000 x 3000 x 450
120 kg
Edition size : 1/1
Catalogue no. : IN309IA

Tom Nickloff commissioned the “Santa Fe Doves” as part of a private collection of local and international artists in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The artwork contains around 200 doves that are in flight below the dining room ceiling. The doves are muted tones of white and grey that are scattered around the composition to represent scattering birds. In areas, different colours overlap, resulting in new tonal values that create depth throughout the artwork; this also creates interesting shadows and reflections on the walls.

The artwork is site-specific and takes into account the size and proportions of the interior space. The lighting design for the artwork compliments the interior space creating a canopy of defused light and casting soft shadows. The colours used in the artwork are mostly light with the darker shade being transparent, allowing more light to pass through. The installation is not a chandelier, and the lighting for the artwork is essential and has to work for the piece as well as the interior space.

New Mexico Project Catalogue 2019