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Mixed Media
500 x 460 x 20 mm
Edition size : 1/1
Catalogue no. : IN232MM

The Modern Family

The Modern Family Series illustrates the basic patterns and structures that emerge from social and cultural interaction in a modern world. The social structures that connect people together also define their roll in the collective human experience and therefore in part also define the role of the individual.

The advancement of the information age has brought about the largest social expansion in the history of humanity, a global family connected to one another in a latticework of digital space. The Modern Family series explores the ways in which society arranges itself continuously in simulation to social and cultural trends.

Each unique piece consists of two very different materials, stainless steel and cast acrylic, representing the earth and humanity respectively. Stainless steel is a modern material, mined from the earth and reconstituted by human intervention. The Plexiglas or cast acrylic is a highly advanced material that encapsulates the nature of human understanding regarding the manipulation of materials and ultimately nature itself.