Earth Man
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540 x 200 x 350 mm
11 kg
Edition size : 12
Catalogue no. : SC164RE

The Earth man sculpture portrays a man bending over forward with his arms hanging downwards, and his feet firmly on the ground. The man`s posture emulates a melancholic gesture as he looks downward and inward towards himself, his face shielded from the viewer. The concept of caves representing the solemn, solitary sanctuaries of the earth is evident in the negative space created by the bending figure. Although the figure itself is devoid of negative space, the man’s bent back and hanging arms create what appears to be an arched doorway. This imagery is very reminiscent of the Dolmen of Northern Ireland (standing stones that resemble pi), that are called giants graves. This was also used as the symbol for earth in some ancient cultures.

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