Leap of faith maquette

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430 x 889 x 140 mm
10 kg
Edition size : 6
Catalogue no. : SC190RE

Leap of Faith

The Leap of faith sculpture portrays a young man leaping and captures the movement of the figure as it passes through the air. The piece was inspired by the "motion studies" of Thomas Eakins (1844-1916),History of a Jump (1885). The image captures the motion of a leap, as if in slow motion, and shows the subject as being at the departure point as well as the arrival point at the same time. The “leap of faith” refers to the moment that one no longer has doubt, and one takes action as if you know the outcome already. The sculpture has two halves, in the middle there is a small gap that separates the two pieces. This gap represents doubt and the inability to overcome challenges. The path that the leaping figure follows from beginning to end represents the journey that one undertakes to achieve ones goals.